Hotels - Business & Pleasure

The idea of a hotel or lodging place goes back to Biblical times, and ever since then, people have travelled and stayed in hotels for work, recreation, family or health related reasons.

Why Stay In a Hotel? 

Just about everyone has stayed in a hotel for one reason or another. For some, they can be completely functional; a place to sleep, shower and eat before continuing your journey the next morning. The motel is a distinctly American concept, and most motels catered to those passing through, staying just one night and travelling by car. Many people stay in hotels and use them as a base for sightseeing, while others book a hotel room as family or friends in the area aren't able to put them up. And staying in a hotel can be a treat; staying in a luxury room means being pampered and spoiled in a way that you aren't used to at home. A weekend in a luxury or cosy hotel can be a break from the stresses of everyday life, a chance to recharge the batteries or to spend quality time with that special someone. If you are travelling on business and searching for conference hotels ireland and most other countries have plenty to choose from.

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Business or Pleasure?

Although people stay in hotels for different reasons, they fall into two broad categories of why they travel - business or pleasure. You may want to stay in a hotel if you are going somewhere on holiday; a hotel makes a convenient base from which to explore a city, seaside resort or the surrounding area. And if you are getting married, a hotel can be an enjoyable and convenient place to spend your honeymoon, especially if that same hotel is hosting your wedding or reception. Your budget helps to determine the type of hotel you might need, and the facilities offered; a budget hotel may be suitable for a one night stay on the way to somewhere, while a luxury hotel is better for a celebration or special occasion. Most people look for somewhere clean, comfortable and affordable when choosing a hotel, although free Internet is one of the most important features.

Conference Hotels

However, if you are travelling strictly for business, you probably look for different amenities, such as high speed Internet, a desk to work at, and perhaps easy access to the airport, railway station or financial district. Many larger hotels offer conference facilities, allowing employees or those connected with an industry to meet in one place to discuss work related issues. Despite the popularity of email, video chat and other electronic forms of communication, a conference is still a popular way to bring employees together, to network, meet others in that same industry or field and to share information. In fact the UK conference industry is worth well over £21 billion a year. A conference hotel typically offers plenty of meeting space, often with several rooms of different sizes, audio visual facilities, and a business centre, allowing emails, fax and printing at any time of the day.